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[blog] new fandom is killing me

Hello! Sorry for the long time not updating here. I'm kind of busy doing this here and there and so much other things.

Also, another reminder for those who are adding me for my download entry, please kindly read here. Sorry for the inconvenience. Recently I got to do some things so I'm kind of neglecting your comments (yet there is a lot, so ;;)

In the beginning of June, I'm kind of discovering this fandom and I got soooooo interested with them. Some of you might probably already knew about this, yes, shiny bright fandom of musical and stage play. I'm still so new here but this fandom been already killing me.

My first crush (and currently my no.1 bias for now) is Sato Ryuji. I know it's such as mistake for at last deciding to watching the musical of Touken Ranbu. Yes, I playing Touken Ranbu but I didn't really care with the musical nor it's stage play but somehow ofc I kind of curious of it. So I ended up watching the musical and omg it's soooooooo good so awesome so great. Also, I fall in love with one who took the role as Kashuu Kiyomitsu, wait, I have mentioned his real name already,lol.

Say hi to his photobook. This is his second photobook and there's no way I can get his first because it's been so expensive. Anyway I want to tell you how do I ended up interested with this fandom. So actually I got this friend who sometimes using my help to buy things from cdjapan or other site (because she didn't have paypal account). The first time she asking my help to get Live Spectacle NARUTO dvd, then Touken Ranbu, then this photobook of Sato Ryuji. Ofc, I don't know who is Sato Ryuji atm. I thought she bought it bcs she's fan of Kimisawa Yuki or just like Naruto or she bought Touken Ranbu bcs she's fan of Kuroba Mario. I assuming that because I only know them. Apparently she's buying things for Sato Ryuji. That is how I kind of curious "who's this ryuji?" and ended up watching Touken Ranbu Trial Performance musical.

Actually I have already watch Live Spectacle NARUTO (in yt though) but I didn't really pay attention to Ryuji. Why? He took the role as Sasuke and actually I don't really like Sasuke XD I also just found out that Suga Kenta is played as Gaara there. I have already know Suga Kenta from Gakkou no Kaidan drama and I didn't even know that he's actually an awesome actor. (I thought he is kind of new model or something like that).

I have mentioned it already that I'm still so new in this fandom but it's already killing me. Blame that awesome Sato Ryuji, I ended up watching some of Prince of Tennis musical as well. I'm currently watching some part from the second season and it's so interesting. I'm not even watching nor reading Prince of Tennis but somehow this musical is good and easy to understand (well thanks for those who are subbing it as well!). The actors are soooooooo cool and awesome! They bringing each role so good!

Well this actually kind of make me worried that I might completely out from Sexy Zone fandom ;;
You know that they are going to release a new DVD concert in November but I'm not sure if I can afford it except if there are some kind people who are willing to send me a donation coughs ok kidding.
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