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13 May 2016 @ 01:53 am
I think I need to make an explanation so people would understand.

You used to leave all the entries under the tag download as public, why didn't you do it anymore?

Well yes, since mid-March I decided to just keep the download entries to public only in few days then locked them. Why?

So it was basically in early March, I suddenly got lots of email (actually six) from mega about a notice that they took down my files. Yea, you guys might probably notice it already that suddenly I locked entry of Fuma and Kento's Summer Con to "friends-only". It scared the hell out of me, seriously. You might think that I'm getting exaggerating but well, it is. I have lots of file uploaded there and sure I afraid if because of that case it gonna affect to my account. Since that I have already made a new account and not adding anything to my old account anymore. You might also notice that the current file name that I shared were all weird.

Sorry that this made you annoyed, you wanted to download something but I locked the entry already. I really sorry. But I'm doing this in order to make my account safe (I hope). So the files won't be took down anymore and the links gonna be still working in the future.

I hope you guys don't mind to adding my account, please do read this entry because if you are not, I won't adding you back. I also hoping that you guys are active here in livejournal. Thanks for spare your time to read this entry and I hope you guys will understand.
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Hello guys! Long time no see?

I'm so sorry that I can't manage to buy Sexy Zone's latest single because I ended up buy other single. I'm still hoping there gonna be another else who's purchase the single and willing to share.

Anyway, as we knew it already, the latest VS Arashi show was just aired yesterday. Sexy Zone come as guest (for the first time, I guess?) and ofc it's really exciting. I know that one been shared this already but since mine was just done uploaded, I think it would be vain if I just keep them on my cloud so I decided to share.

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- this post will be locked in few days ahead (for my-own-safety reason)
- do not take out the download link, please share link to this entry instead
- please do comment when taking!
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27 December 2015 @ 08:33 pm
Related to this post, about my download page of Sexy Zone Spring Tour 2014 which has dead link.

Since the back-up file I have on my hard disc is keep error when I try to split them, so I decide to re-ripping the DVD! Please wait patiently because the process (ripping the DVD, split and upload them) wouldn't be so fast done by me.

No one care enough to help re-upload that part so in the end I decide this.

Also, thank you so much for those who are telling me about it. I recently pretty busy so I can't check my own journal.

Last, I'm still not sure but I am planning to buy Sexy Zone's Summer Paradise DVD. IF I ended up buying them, I might also share it for you guys. Please keep support Sexy Zone by purchasing their stuffs.

Thank you so much~